So what is this site all about?
This site was created to showcase our collection of props and wardrobe from the movie Blade:Trinity

Are these all original movie used items?
All the props and wardrobe you see on this site are items made during the production of Blade:Trinity
Only the items in the "Replica" category are obviously not original.

Is any of these items for sale?
Sorry, but none of these items is for sale.

Are you still looking for props from Blade:Trinity ?
Sure! Please use the contact information provided below if you have something to offer.

Do you have any items from Blade or Blade II?
Yes. Visit the Blade and Blade II websites by clicking here.

Do you collect props other than from the Blade series?
Yes. Visit the Hollywood Hardware Main Site by clicking here.

How can I contact you?
Please use email only:

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